Worship Time

Grace & Truth Reformed Presbyterian Church

worships on every Sunday at 11:00 am 

at the Good Shepherd School in Harrisonburg, VA.

GandTFirstService copySome Helpful Notes:

1.  Every Sunday the worship service starts at 11:00am, but Coffee and Tea are available from 10:30am for fellowship before the service.

2.  On Second Sundays of the month, there will be a fellowship meal following the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the church worshiping at 11am?

Answer: Grace & Truth Reformed Presbyterian Church has been blessed with families that come from as far as 2 hours away.  We meet at 11am in order to give these blessed families a sufficient amount of time to attend worship with us.

2. What is the Fellowship Meals like on second Lord’s Days of the month?

Answer:  The families and friends of Grace & Truth RPC come together after the worship service at 11am to have a potluck meal together.  After the service, chairs are put away and tables set up in order to eat together.  Families usually bring crock pots and plug them in during the service so that the food is hot and ready afterwards.

3. What should I bring to the Fellowship Meal?

Answer: Bring whatever your heart desires.  Families usually bring enough food to feed their own families and God has been good to make that enough for everyone.

4. Who can I contact about further information/questions?

Answer: You may always contact us through our contact page or contact our leadership for further information.