What To Expect

What To Expect When You’re Visiting

The first thing we want you to know is that you are not alone. Grace & Truth RPC strives to build three people groups that populate our worship services:

1. People who are looking
2. People who are committed to learning the teachings of Christ
3. People who are members

1. You are the person who is looking at us to see if God would have you continue with us. There will be many more like you! You will not be singled out. Many from this group have questions, such as 1) what Christianity is about, 2) whether God exists, 3) whether the Bible is actually God’s Word, 4) what constitutes the simplicity of Christian worship, and much more. This is excellent! We enjoy these questions and hope to be good, safe people to help you learn the answers.

2. There are also people who were once looking. They were drawn to the fellowship of the men, women and children of Grace & Truth RPC. Eventually, they committed to learning more about the Bible and what it says about God, Christ, His Holy Spirit, man, the covenants, and salvation. They did this through forming a teacher/student relationship with a leader or member of the church.

3. Then, there are members of Christ’s Church. In order to become members, they were baptized by water and took the vows of membership. This is a covenant that they entered into with God and the other families in the church. Here are the seven vows of membership:

(1) Do you believe the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the Word of God, the only infallible rule for faith and life?
(2) Do you believe in the one living and true God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – as revealed in the Scriptures?
(3) Do you repent of your sin, confess your guilt and helplessness as a sinner against God, profess Jesus Christ, Son of God, as your Saviour and Lord, and dedicate yourself to His service? Do you promise that you will endeavor to forsake all sin and to conform your life to His teaching and example?
(4) Do you promise to submit in the Lord to the teaching and government of this church as being based upon the scriptures and described in substance in the Constitution of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America? Do you recognize your responsibility to work with others in the church and do you promise to support and encourage them in their service to the Lord? In case you should need correction in doctrine or life, do you promise to respect the authority and discipline of the church?
(5) To the end that you may grow in the Christian life, do you promise that you will diligently read the Bible, engage in private prayer, keep the Lord’s Day, regularly attend the worship services, observe the appointed sacraments, and give to the Lord’s work as He shall prosper you?
(6) Do you purpose to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness in all the relationships of life, faithfully to perform your whole duty as a true servant of Jesus Christ, and seek to win others to Him?
(7) Do you make this profession of faith and purpose in the presence of God, in humble reliance upon His grace, as you desire to give your account with joy at the Last Great Day?

 Here are some Frequently Asked Question from Visitors

What Should I Wear?
At Grace & Truth, there is no dress code. Some men wear suits and ties, others wear khakis and polo shirts, while others wear blue jeans with a casual shirt. Some women wear dresses or skirts, while others wear pants. Some women wear hats, scarves, or some type of headgear, and some do not. We are concerned about you, not what you wear.

What Should I Bring?
There are Bibles and Psalters (the Book of Scriptures that we sing from) lying on the seats, so there is no need to bring anything but yourselves.

Where Do I Park?
There are approximately 35 parking spaces around the building. Grace & Truth meets in the lower building of Good Shepherd School – the one closest to the road. There is parking below this building and above it, by the upper building. There is also overflow parking across the street. Guest parking is available near the main entrance so, please, take advantage of those spots reserved just for you.

What Entrance Do I Use?
The main entrance is at the front of the building closest to the road. There will be someone at the door ready to help/direct you and provide you with a bulletin for the service.


There is also another main entrance in the back of the building closest to the road.


What Do I Do When I Get There?
You will see a room full of chairs set up for the service. Find a place to sit and then just relax. Some people may come up and welcome you. Don’t worry. They are very friendly and just interested in getting to know you! The service starts at 11:00am. Did you get there early? At the back of the room, there is a coffee and tea table. Help yourself to some refreshments. There is also a book table with free pamphlets and books. Take a look at them. You may find something interesting!